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Kyoto is aiming to take the lead in attracting entrepreneurs and startup companies from Japan and abroad. The blending of history, traditions, and entrepreneurial culture make Kyoto the “Start-up Capital" of Japan.

Notable Startups
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Top Coworking Spaces
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Notable Organizations
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Key Stats of the Kyoto Startup Ecosystem

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Energy & Environment
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Kyoto Ecosystem Landscape

Taxes and Incentives
    • Startup Visa: One of the most significant new developments in the startup ecosystem of Kyoto is the launch of the Startup Visa, which welcomes foreign entrepreneurs that wish to start a business in Kyoto.
    • Reduction of real estate acquisition tax by up to 50%, subject to job creation, for enterprises establishing or expanding plants in designated areas promoting manufacturing clusters.
    • Incentives: The Kyoto city government provides a subsidy to promote offices’ establishment: 10% of invested capital in fixed assets (excluding land) and an employment subsidy of 100,000 yen to 500,000 yen.
    Investor Landscape
    • In 2021 first half, Japanese startups have raised funding of more than 3 billion USD.

    • SaaS, Fintech and food delivery are the leading sectors for venture capital investments.

    Notable events and communities

    KIEC: The Kyoto International Entrepreneurs Community (KIEC) is a community aimed at connecting international entrepreneurs based in Kyoto.

    Plug and Play center: Set up in 2019 organizes regular networking and startup-related events at Engawa Kyoto.

    Startup Weekend Kyoto: Kyoto branch of the global organization that holds several events in the popular “building a startup in 2 days” format.

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Why Kyoto is a great City to live in

Kyoto, also known as the cultural capital of Japan, houses a population of 1.4 million people. It has iconic landmarks like the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine and numerous temples, tranquil gardens, and samurai castles that UNESCO has recognized as World Heritage Sites. Kyoto offers a great quality of life and effortlessly combines tradition with modernity.

Why Kyoto is a great city to live in
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